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The games is awesome but when u do fitness it says u have enough stars but when your done competing that’s what made u not have a high score😕

Rylee Howeer

Thank you for making such amazing games


I thought maybe this game would be fun but it’s not it’s so boring and also I am a light brown but in the game you are either wight are dark brown! You should have it where you can build your own aviator!

We need vault and other problems

I love the game but it needs to let us use vault we have floor uneven bars and beam but I want to see what you can do on vault also too many ads to get stuff and we need photo shoot,spa, and hospital and I can’t rank up higher I’m stuck at 27th place and last but not least can we have all of the moves and fix everyone’s crashes and bugs and that’s why I gave 4 stars I’ll change it if you do all this

Me gusta la gimnasia

HFest 2018


The game is soo FAB but u have to pay to get to have the spa and more but other then that it’s so addicting


It was ok because you had to pay for half of it😣😣

Love it

I love this and they should do more updates

Good job

It’s a fun game but there is to much shops that are closed


I love the game

dear coco games

I love this game it is so awesome and amazing . Please make more!😃❤️❤️❤️.


I am addicted.

I’m very sad

I really want to play this game but it no long Judge me 🤷🏽‍♀️ fix I want to play again! PLEASE FIX THE SCORING SOI CAN PLAY AGAIN!!!!!

Cool but......

This is an amazing app.....but it’s very buggy. Every time I the end the game crashes and it won’t tell me my scores and it won’t show up on the ones I’ve done. I blame this on the new update cause that’s when it started. It’s also keeping me in the same position. I also blame this on the update. The only thing that goes up are my fans. But that’s it. It’s really Annoying and if you don’t fix this soon, I will consider deleting the app. I’m sorry but I hardly play it anymore because of the glitches and my it takes up a lot of my storage space. Please listen to what I have to say. Thank you -Abby

Best game ever

I love with this game in this very very good wow


This app is so much fun and brings back memories of when I used to compete in gymnastics.Every dat I play this game I really recommend it if you like stile or gymnastics or both.And it is free😊

Inappropriate ad

My four year old played this for the first time today and an inappropriate advertisement came on. Adult content, even though it was cartoon. Deleted immediately.

I love this game

This is what I think about the game I give it four stars because we don’t have everything we want everything we have to pay for it and I don’t think that’s fair


This game is so cool

Cool but

I’m so into this game and it is super fun. The things that frustrate me is that are that glitches, I’m #22 and I compete, but then it glitches out and I DONT GET MY SCORE!! I also don’t ever move up!! Also, I don’t like that there is TOO MANY ADDS!!!!


Hello, we all know this game is pricey. Some kids don’t have the money to buy the things they want. Maybe make it so you can earn more move.-lucykjschneider@icloud/-Lucy-flips


I love this game. But it’s ads are nonstop every single time I try to do something in the game like leave the hair salon or go to a competition there is a ad. I truly love the game but the ads are making my experience less and less great every time I play.😩

Wonderful! I recommend it 💕

It’s a great game! As a gymnast I wanted to find. A game that had uneven bars, beam, and floor! They give you great skills to put together to make a fantastic routine! The only thing I don't like is all the ads 😬 but I understand if you can’t change that so yeah I 100% recommend it 😁


Great gymnastics game. I play this game every day

What I think 😓

SO I think there r to many ads... cuz there a to many fricken ads I rage right in the middle of what I doing because of them. Sorry for saying fricken I’m just mad.


Awesome game


I love love love this game thank you

I’m sorry to miss y’all so much and I miss Terresa too

Up di

coco play gymnastics game

I really love this game. But, it could definitely have some more tweaks. I just would like the vault to unlock without being a PRO. Thank you Jenna ( dj)

I really like it but..

It’s a perfect game but it has too much ads I would give it a 5 if it did not have so much ads


This is the best app ever


Maybe with less ads on unicorn pic would bump u up

Great but...

I love this game a lot but ever since the beam came it won’t let me see what place I got for any of the skills.Can you please fix that so that I can see what my score was and if I got first place or not.I love all the skills and I’m very excited for the vault to come out!!!Please fix it!


Make sure to save 10$ because it is totally worth it to get everything! This game is really fun and I totally recommend it! The only thing I have a problem with is when you are doing the competition when you press the button to make the lines I wish it would stay for the whole show. But that is not a big deal.


This game is amazing I love it so much it makes me so happy

I love y’all

I love this game so Muchhh❤️❤️❤️

The best game

I love that if you can’t do sports than you can play this game and it feels like you are doing it in real life and I am happy that you made this game.

Fun but needs some changes

This game is very fun but can be better. The gymnastics events should all be unlocked. This game is very fun but this app needs more updates.

Gymnast superstar

Best game ever!!❤️❤️

Why I love the gymnastics game

It was awesome game and I learn different stuff because I practice gymnastics and it really meant a lot to me because I will I learned different stuff like how to do backflips and then he goes to different stuff I don’t aerials and all that different and it’s really cool to learn different stuff because my dad taught me to always try

Amazing Gymnastics

This game is your own world, you can explore and create amazing things. You can show your fans what you have got!(and ya get some cool background music!) I am thrilled with my amazing character and game there is more than enough to do in this game! So go, sit back, relax and go build an AMAZING gymnastics world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is so awesome

You should have it 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆☺️☺️aaaaaaaaa(screaming)


I have had this game for a couple months but when they updated it the balance beam and vault came in it got me stuck in 61st place and I can't move from there also when I finish it freezes and it doesn't matter how long I wait it will still be stuck😠and its bugging me. Please fix


I love how it teaches and the activity like WOW love it keep it up

Worked fine until I paid $10 for my daughter

Once she gets to the results. She spends at least 30 min doing the spa, clinic, training center and dress up. She cries and gets frustrated because it’s all for nothing. Our iPad is up to date. We would like a refund and will contact apple

The first good coco game I’ve had

OKAY, I GOTTA HAND IT TO YA, THIS IS REALLY GOOD! It’s unique from all the other coco games out there. Usually some of them glitch or have too many ads or something BUT THIS IS REALLY GOOD! Although, it DID take QUITE a WHILE for the balance beam to get here. BUT OVERALL ITS SUPER DUPER GOOD! KEEP MAKING GAMES LIKE THIS AND UPDATING THEM! - Super impressed, #1 fan of this game


hey girls this game is really really AWESOME 😎

Not like gymnastics 😬😬😬

I like the game but it isn’t at all like gymnastics.I am a level 5 gymnast and I know that in a meet you can’t wear makeup ,tights and DEFINITELY not a skirt. Please change this.😐

Umm bug but otherwise good game

I love this game so much! I play it quite a lot, but after the most recent update there has been a gigantic bug. After I finish a routine, right when the game is about to go into the judges scoring you, the game freezes it’s really annoying and I have to close the app to get back on and all the progress of the previous part vanished. Please fix this so I can continue to keep playing this game

I love this game

I love this game but I wish I could use the vault so plz get the vaults on there plz. I also wish there were more skills you could do plz put more skills on there plz

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