Gymnastics Superstar App Reviews

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The best game ever

I’m like addicted to the game. This game is the best I hope it will get even more better and awesome this game is amazing. I play this every day omg it’s awesome. It’s so amazing since I started.

You make no decisions

You decide when you are ready to Compete.

Also me

5 starts 👍

Love this game

I love it because it’s like realistic and I like that thank u for making this Game

Best game ever

This game gives me a chance to do what sport I want to do and it is so relaxing and fun and I would love for you to make more gymnastics games

Hate it

It's so glitchy if I try to do. Something it just freezes whatever they did it is to munch!


This game is going to make me a gimnastic!⚡️

Too many commercials

You can’t play the game because they are advertising other games. This wasn’t fun.

Needs to be fixed.

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS!! Thank I wanted to make some suggestions.please make all the cloths available and I don’t care to much about some of the cloths being locked but I don’t want to spend money for a game like this one.also I wanted to comment on how revealing the cloths are and I ask if you could make them more modest and not so revealing and please add more things back.DO NOT REPLY TO THIS RATING!! Thank you for NOT RESPONDING ,Savannah

The best thing

You are so sweet to my heart to see what happens when I’m done with my life inside my head so bad

This game is so cool now!

I have been waiting for the bar beam and the vault all through the year and it finally came!!!😮😮😍😍😍😍😍i love the game so much now!!!

Best game ever

Best game ever




I love this game

Love the game

It is artistic and unique my favorite part is when you get to dress her up in different styles .

It’s good but needs more

Everything is good but on the game I got hurt and I teleported to the doctor an then it said unlock so can we change that and any other trouble it could be much better can’t it? I think... Love, Nora c.


This game shows that girls can do anything!!! And if you want to be a gymnast or be in The Olympics then you can learn from this app. I love Coco and will teach people about it. It can express you and how you like to do sports or anything else.

Sooo good

This is amazing


Best game ever


You have to buy everything like if you don’t have it says that she wants to do it.

I love dis game

This game is amazing I’m in gymnastics so it helps me

Just a thought

You should add those Powell things or whatever they are idk but you should add them to another thing is I wish you could do longer routines but it’s a great game and I give it five stars

Enjoying but...

I really hate it when ads come out. I mean, I understand there should be ads but not a lot! I also am not liking how I have to go to another level to able wear or go to curtain things or places. Please improve! I’d rate it five if there weren’t many ads AND if I didn’t have to go to another level to get a curtain thing. Thanks!

Why This game is great 👍

I think this game is great because it is gymnastics 🤸🏼‍♀️ and I love 💗 gymnastics. Also this game has a lot of style and I love that.

I love it

It gets a little boring but it is cool. I wish it had everything unlocked!!!!👍🏽

Awesome your making me feel better in the day


Thank u coco!

Thank you so much for the update so you don’t have to pay for most of the game because when you did, even the game itself was a ripoff and it was ridiculous. REALLY ridiculous... thank you 🙏🏼

Coco games

I love Thea’s games but I think you guys should make a volleyball one.

I don’t know the title

Well actually I want to be able to make comments on the other players

GREAT game!

I think this game is a very good game and that it is the best gym good I have ever heard of! 🙂 And it is so awesome It’s is like the only game I play anymore! And if I don’t play it it’s because when I get on it’s so hard to get off because it is so good! One of my friends told me about it and the second I heard about it I got it! I also love the updates. I would love it so much if you can répond to this but if you can’t I understand. - best game ever!!!

Full version

The version is completely over priced and whenever I want something it Caust way to much money when shouldn’t caust anything at all

My reviews are Disappearing,and some problems in the game

So I’m writing a review and when I check on it the next day...BOOM! It’s not there! I think u might be reading it or someone is trying to delete my review when I did a lot of hard work writing it! It makes me upset,but I know that I can try again. Anyways,the game it self is really fun,but every time I do the vault,my gymnast always falls,and the other girls, when I get their clips,well one girl named Christina almost fell, and this girl named Hazel, she landed. It’s not fair to me because I don’t want to show other gymnast bad landing’s! Well anyways my cousin Alyssa (she plays this game too :) ) she is in rank 29,but on my screen it seems that this Sharon person is in 29. Why is this? And why can’t I see Alyssa’s character on my leaderboard! Oh my other cousin Hannah (she also plays) she is at rank 32, but any time I look at my screen it seems that this Candice person is in 32. Why is this happening? Why can’t I see Hannah’s character on the leaderboard! And I’m Jennifer, I’m in rank 1 in the top gymnast. But any time I look at my cousins screen it seems that this Laura person is in first. ????! In top countries,my Country is USA. It’s in first,but Hannah and Alyssa they also are the USA. But on their screen it says Russia is in first place! I’m first in popularity,but again on their screen Laura is in first! It won’t show any thing about me! Please fix this, well this is all I need to right, but PLEASE read this review so u can please fix all theses left over bugs. Thanks! Bye

More things included


Good game

This game is a good game not only for its animation but also for its rewards that they give you.i think if more people started playing this they would be pretty amazed by how awesome this game is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Loved it, but now, not so much

I used to love this game, but when I updated it, well let’s just say it became a bummer to play. 1 Everything is locked now. For example, the skirts and accessories in wardrobe used to be unlocked, but now they aren’t. Same with just choosing a color for my hair, now I have to pick a color and paint the hair, which takes FOREVER!!! Also, same with makeup, I lost mascara, other lipstick options, colors, and types. I also lost face paint! But, I’m not all negative. Some pros are: leotard colors changed, leggings too. But there is something I don’t understand, and it’s that I’m on champ level which is the highest, but all the other things (uneven bars, balance beam) which are lower than champ aren’t unlocked, so that should be unlocked. Last but not least, I’m America, but the flag paint is locked! DO YOU NOT CARE ABOUT MY COUNTRY!!?!!!!!!!???????? This is very hurtful!! Also, when I use vault, I can only use one move! My own dad thought that someone else’s video was better than mine because of this!!! Please know that I’m a kind person but this game makes me mad/upset😡😢😭😕 please write back soon telling me why you do this!!! Please fix these and make them like they used to be! But keep the vault and just unlock the other moves. Please!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

Add more hairstyle styles

I love it so much five stars but it would be great to have more hair styles and leotards🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️.

Love it❤️

Ok I love it play it all the time but....... why would you lock up like ALL the stuff?

🤩🤩🤩 A GREAT game!

Much better if a game now that they have added beam and vault. I wish that we could train in all of the events tho. But other than that great game!!


This is awesome I actually just got first ty for adding a bounds move


When you get it you don’t have everything so you buy the full version well don’t you can’t do a refund it has one but you press and press it won’t work so don’t get the full version.

Amazing 😉 in all but...

Hey 👋 gymnasts supper star 🌟 I love ❤️ your game you made for us it is Amazing but I have suggestions for it to make it more fun and outstanding for our lil gymnasts 1. You should be able to pick your gender when you first start the game and be able to change it 2. More hairstyles and leotards like maybe top buns and ponytails and rainbow 🌈 Leotards and custom leotards 3. More moves for floor and bars and vault beam is ok 👌🏻 4. Be able to compete with people like Laura and you can compete 5. Connect with people and compete with them like if your friend plays this game you can connect with people If you add one ☝️ of these I will bump it to 5 stars 🌟 or all of them I will bump it to 1.billion stars Thanks coco for replying I hope you have a good day and flipping all day and creating more Apps!

Love it

I love this game I wish I had some more moves and gymnastics wear

It was fun

Needs a update


I like this game


This game is the best I love it so much.👍🏻

Best game ever!!!

This game is very interactive. I really like that you can pick the outfit and different effects during the performance. I love this game so much!



Awesome game

I love this game it is so much fun but two things I really wish I could play in the spa and try it out put I don’t want to pay second how come you need to buy the outfits ☹️ but from all of that I love this game so much

Great game☺️

My daughter has been addicted to this game for a while now.. she’s played this game so much that it actually inspires her to do gymnastics, which i think is wonderful.💜 she soon wants to start gymnastics, i asked her when she wanted to start and she said “November” with a smile on her face.😊 so very soon she will be starting gymnastics all because of this game! She now wants to learn how to do tricks and flips in the air, she also has been watching gymnastics videos for a long time now and that also inspires her. Thank you. Ps. If your looking forward to downloading this game.. i would.♥️

I kinda like it

It needs no money wasted and no ads

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