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Gr8 doggie ❤️ I do like these game, but so many things are locked. So it kinda makes it a little bit harder 'cause you can't do as many things, witch makes it less fun. This game is even worse once you get into it just has to many locks and it is to much money to buy everything.


It's okay but it needs some work,as in work I mean it's slow and crashes me every time a cut scene happens (also gets slow when background changes) and I have an idea for the developers to make this game online so you can challenge other players (NOT CPUS) To:Developers and people who want to try it out


Awesome game


I could really do without the constant ads.

Almost there

I think this would be great if you incorporated all the events it’s fun and cute an all but one event can kind of lose your interest more quickly and unless you are about to perform I don’t think it should talk about how much your hair is a mess and or you broke a nail or what have you it can make little girls feel like that’s the most important thing in life and I understand in this that appearance is important but just send me through it before they perform not just because you practiced because you should look a mess after practice. But all in all it is really fun and my niece loves it!!

I love it but

I love it .it is great but I wish I could do more


You shouldn't have to pay for the full game overall it's great


I love this game

I love it some suggestions for next games

I think it is amazing but I think for your next game you should make another gymnastic game but a bar and the next game the beam and the last game the vault please make this💜💜💙❤️❤️😁😁😁😁


I love this game

Awesome game!!!!!!!!!

This game is so much fun! I love everything about it. I am only 9 and the oldest in my family and in 4th grade but this has encouraged me to do gymnastics.


It was okay they never let you get into first when I play this game!


I wasn't sure about it at first but now I am happy I downloaded the game defiantly worth the storage space I needed to make for it!

Amazing game, but...

I love this game and I play it everyday but I think that it's ridiculous how much stuff you have to buy to access it!


This game is a good app but you do have to pay $10 for all the things.


This game is amazing I love competing it's so awesome

My opinion

You should not have to pay for the full version because if you don't pay you always come in second or last but other wise I like this game

Love it best ever

5 stars


So to make this game better is that you eat food that are healthy and unhealthy and if you gain it will make your routine fall and you should do like broken legs in casts that u have to wait a day and you go to the gym and burn weight and you should do if you don’t practice there is a 99% chance you will fall doing flips THIS IS THE BEST ONE OF THEM ALL you should include bars and balance beam!!!!!

Gymnast game

You have to pay money for things and watch a ton of videos!! But otherwise really fun game😘😘😘🤸🏻‍♂️

Love it 😜😜😜

Cant stop playing it 📱📱📱📱


This game is really fun and I enjoy playing it. I think there are some things that could be improved on though. I think that you guys have wayyyy too many ads. I understand that’s how you make money but when apps have too many ads, I usually delete them. I get annoyed too easily and even if I love the game, i can’t handle it all. Another things that bothers me is that when you are doing her make up or hair or anything, there will be a little message in a pink bubble that pops up. When you click on it, you might be able to do the activity. But sometimes, when you click on it and go to that place, it’s locked. Then they want you to pay like $5.99 (I hate spending real money on fake games) I will not pay to go somewhere my girl request to go. If you want to go there, you should be able to without it being locked and paying for it. So unfortunately, I will probably be deleting this game because between the ads and everything being “locked” and having to pay for them, i don’t want to deal with it! :(

It ok but it's sort of disappointed that.....

It's disappointing that you almost have to buy the the things that make the game fun I think it's needs more work

Is great! but...

It’s great! But the only thing I really hate is the amount of ads. I’m okay with having ads to unlock new clothes, but an ad popping up every time you click something makes me not want to play and just quit. Other than that, I love the game (even though I want to delete it every time an ad shows up).


This game is amazing it gives my child excitement for gymnastics

I love this game

I love this game so much!


I love this game because it passes the time and its really fun too!

I love this game

I love this game! But I was wondering if you good add uneven bars and vault to the competition thank you


I love your game so much

The best game ever 😜🔥

It is the best because I love gymnastics


This game is like, so amazing. I’ve been telling all of my friends about it, and even tried playing it on my phone during maths...


Ok so I agree with @JustaFan and I think That it would actually be SUPER 😎 to have boy avatars and background 💃 and also some more moves to use if you don’t have WiFi or just don’t 💰 for the other moves but also I’m not trying to criticize but maybe some more face paint and 💄 too. But overall I ❤️ it. -GirlyGamer🤟🤞👱‍♀️🦄

It's an awful game👎

It's a ok game but honestly just stop with asking me to buy the full game I don't think I should be like that. And you are never going to win first place no matter how hard you try it will crush your child's dreams of being anything Because the levels stand for how hard the gymnasts have been working and there hard work never pays off you always get second or third place.And that's not all theirs Dance moves its suppose to be gymnasts not dance . I think that this game could use an update. It glitches and is not even a good game.

It’s really fun but...

When you want to buy the full version and ads pop up to get the full version it won’t allow you to click on it is there any other way to buy the full version

I love this game so much.

This is an awesome game I totally recommend you get it!


I don’t think it’s right that it’s says that the game is free and I can’t play half the game without having to buy to play the rest of the. If that is so then it shouldn’t say free.

It's okay

I love this game. If I were to be honest though, it needs more events. I think it would make it way more fun.😎


I love this game because it gives me back memories of my childhood but you can’t do anything things like the bars and valence beams so plz fix it

Kind of 💩y...

I love the game but, DO I HAVE TO BUY ALMOST EVERYTHING?!?! I hate it! Can every body get all the stuff free? I (and everybody) have to pay REAL money. You guys are greedy. Very greedy!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡!

Please read coco!

Hey coco! Please add bar performances you can do floor or bar and there is all different bar moves!! I bought everything in this game so please just add it on!

I love this game

I love this app so much and I'm also a gymnast. The only thing that I don't like is that we can only do floor routines and you have to buy lots of things. Maybe next time you can put vault, beam and bar routines in the game. Thanks

Love gymnastics

I loves gymnastics 🎊and I love this game

Oh my gosh😱

This game is THE BEST, to the minute I start playing it! I love it!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😍😍😜


I love this app! It is great for little kids who want to have fun

Love this game

Love it


I don’t want to pay money for everything inside the game.also too many adds


I love how you put the routines together!! I would love if you could design a beam and bar routine!! I'd also like more competition leos.

Amazing but

Its awsome no no no no it's amazingly tremendous but I hate yeah you how a lot of the stuff they cost money because it's just not fun when it cost money because you can't do a lot of stuff with that.

Gymnastics super star

Keep the updates coming!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


It is the most fun game ever and thank you for creating the game for all the girls

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